Voice Of Tarheels Retires

Apr 21, 2011


Woody Durham
Credit tarheelblue.com

  "Snap. Spot. Kick away. High enough, long enough... It's good! It's good! Carolina has won the game on a 42-yard field goal by freshman Connor Barth. Good gosh girdy!"

 That's sportscaster Woody Durham calling the game-winning play in North Carolina's 2004 upset win over Miami. Durham announced yesterday he will retire after 40 years of broadcasting Tar Heel football and basketball games. 

Durham took time during his announcement to thank UNC coaches, administrators and players.

"And there were the Carolina fans, who listened while they watched either in Kenan Stadium, Carmichael, the Smith Center or wherever they might be pulling for the Tar Heels. So many considered me a part of Carolina and I thank them for that compliment."

Durham said he ultimately decided to retire because his broadcasts were not living up to his own standards in the last few seasons. He hopes to work for athletic administrators at North Carolina in the future.