Veterans Group Raises Money For Facility Providing Vet Services

Sep 3, 2013

A veterans group is raising money for a facility that will offer veterans services.
Credit U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

A group of young veterans in the state is working to make the transition to civilian life easier for former members of the military.  Veterans Leadership Council of North Carolina Cares is raising money to rehabilitate buildings at the John Umstead Property in Butner.  John Turner, executive director of the organization, says when it's completed the facility will provide mental health services, physical rehabilitation and job training for homeless and at risk vets. 

“Here specifically in North Carolina, there's over 6,000 homeless veterans,” Umstead says. “And last year in some states, while the percentage of homeless veterans went down, in North Carolina it increased by over 13 percent last year.”

Turner says the work is being paid for by a combination of public and private money.  He expects to open the first building toward the end of next year.