Untold Stories

Mar 1, 2011

Missing Monroe, NC teenager Phylicia Barnes

Even as technology and changing business models reshape the mass media landscape, questionable journalistic practices remain entrenched. The racial and socio-economic profile of a victim greatly influences how and where the media plays stories about them. We take a look at four recent and continuing news stories: the Rocky Mount, N.C. serial killer murders, a non-violent prison protest in Georgia, a Monroe, N.C. teen who went missing in Baltimore, and the attack and sexual assault on CBS reporter Lara Logan in Tahrir Square in Egypt.

Host Frank Stasio talks about coverage of these stories with Keith Woods, Vice President for Diversity in News and Operations at National Public Radio; Brett Chambers, a lecturer in English and mass communications at North Carolina Central University; and Jill Filipovic, a New York-based lawyer and blogger for the site Feministe.