UNC Team Helps Water Researchers

Aug 23, 2012

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers are working to make it easier for hydrologists to share data on problems facing the world's water supply. The project is being funded by the National Science Foundation. Ray Idaszak works for the Renaissance Computing Institute at the university. He says his team is working to create the high-tech infrastructure to allow scientists to see and comment on each other's work.

Ray Idaszak: Water science is looking at how water moves within the ground whether its the pollutants or the fracking or the drought conditions. You know, here in the southeast we've been very fortunate to have quite a bit of, of rain, but, you know, issues in the rest of the world are very drastic and even our area and our region had a pretty good drought several years ago.

Idaszak says sharing research will accelerate the process of finding solutions to these and other problems facing global water supplies.