Um, Why Is Cary Getting 8,000 New Streetlamps Again?

Jan 24, 2014

Those 8,000 new street lamps will save money, and are a green choice.

The Town of Cary has announced a partnership with Duke Energy Progress to switch out most of its high-pressure sodium streetlamps (the yellow kind) with LED lamps (the white kind).

The difference between high-pressure sodium lights (left) and LED lights (right)

LEDs are more easily directed in a specific direction and also more energy efficient. So not only can the town do a better job of putting the light on the road (as opposed to spilling off into the neighboring areas), they'll also save an estimated $200,000 a year.

Plus, many of the towns streetlamps have been around for decades and could use a facelift.

"A lot the lights around town are really old," said Kyle Hubert, the engineer leading the project. "They've gotten weathered, they've gotten dirty. As the light ages it gets dimmer. "

Hubert said the project will start next week and should last about a year.

The town attempted a trial run with about 30 of the LED lights back in 2010. Hubert says that trial, along with a new leasing rate with Duke Energy, were what convinced the town to move forward.