Timeless Tunes and Toe Tappers: Best of Back Porch Music Vol 15 CD

Jan 26, 2013

With 57 minutes and 52 seconds of goodness from Back Porch Music, here's a sampling of our Best of BPM CD offered during the WUNC fund drives. 

While supplies last, you can pledge for one here or call 1.800.962.9862.

The song listings are below and you can read the booklet that comes with the CD in the slideshow with this article.

The Best of Back Porch Music is a gift from Keith Weston and Freddy Jenkins to the fans and supporters of Back Porch Music.  As of 2013, the show remains the longest continually running locally produced program presented by WUNC.

Best of BPM 15 song listings
Credit DCD / WUNC

The Best of Back Porch Music was first made available during the fall of 2012.  Supplies are limited and "once they're gone, they're gone."