Table Tennis Pros Gather in Cary

Mar 18, 2011

This weekend Cary will host the nation’s largest round robin table tennis competition. More than 300 internationally ranked players will visit Cary for the event.

Mike Babuin is the founder of the Cary Table Tennis Association and creator of the competition. He says that while many Americans play table tennis at home, few consider it a serious sport. That’s not the case in other countries. And he says the countries taking table tennis seriously are the ones bringing home Olympic medals:

"You can’t go one city block in China without running into a table tennis club. There’s virtually one on every block in every city. There’s that much participation. And of course that’s why in China table tennis is the national sport. And that’s why the Chinese team is the best team in the world."

Babuin hopes that the popularity of the sport will increase in this country. This weekend’s event will showcase U.S. National Team Players and Pro-Tour Players from Europe, Africa and Asia. Admission is free for spectators.