School Board Redistricting Draws Small Crowd

May 11, 2011

Proposed Wake County Board of Education Districts

  A small group of citizens came to the Wake County School Board’s public hearing last night. They were there to voice concerns over the proposed redistricting process. 

It was a much different scene than in previous public hearings, when hundreds of angry demonstrators descended on the board meetings. Those protests were against the change in the student assignment policy. And while there’s been some disagreement over the process of re-drawing the precinct lines for board elections, it has been drawn nothing close to the level of anger. 

Board member John Tedesco says that’s because the process has been fair and well-executed.

John Tedesco: "I think you saw tonight, what, 9 people? In a county of closing in on a million, voicing concern about it. And you’ve seen our meetings in the past, we have a lot of people who come and speak out, people are aware of what we are doing and if this was a contentious issue, you’d have seen a lot more people out here."

Those who did speak criticized what they called a lack of transparency.  The Wake School Board is expected to further discuss the map next week. School board elections will be held October 11th.