Raleigh Gets Its First Alternative Fuel Station

Nov 16, 2011

People who live in the Raleigh area and want to use alternative fuels for their cars or trucks have a new choice. A station on New Bern Avenue opens today with both E-85 ethanol blend and bio-diesel available. It's the first of its kind in the state capital. Anne Tazewell is the transportation manager for the North Carolina Solar Center at N-C State. She says alternative fuel stations are slowly spreading across the state.

Anne Tazewell: "With E-85, this is just the 18th station. It's the third in the triangle, there's one in Cary/Apex area, one in Durham, one in Chatham county, but its the first one in Raleigh. There's more bio-diesel around the state, closer to 50 stations and in the triangle, there's a small handful of stations."
Tazewell says both fuels burn more cleanly than traditional gasoline and diesel.