"Propane Village" Opens In Raleigh

May 11, 2012

A training center opens in Raleigh this afternoon to highlight the latest uses for propane. North Carolina is the second largest user of the fuel behind California. John Jessup is the executive director of the North Carolina Propane Gas Association. He says propane burns cleaner and is cheaper than gasoline and diesel. He also says the natural gas boom is behind the boost in the propane supply.

John Jessup: 70 percent of it comes from the production of natural gas with all the hydraulic fracturing that's going on in the country. We've greatly increased the number of, the amount of propane that comes domestically from the United States. The rest of it, the other 30 percent is produced from oil manufacturing. It's all made here in the U.S.

Jessup says people visiting the Propane Village in Raleigh will see new developments including a propane powered outboard boat motor, a pick-up truck and a filling station.