Postcard: "Happy Feet" Clogging With Katlyn

Sep 19, 2017

Postcards from Madison County is a special series from WUNC and The Partnership for Appalachian Girls' Education that features personal storytelling from a unique summer program for Appalachian youths.

Katlyn Lewis is entering 6th grade at Madison Middle School in Marshall. Katlyn’s digital story, "Happy Feet," is about clogging and her relationship with her brother, Shane. She has always looked up to him and the two have watched SpongeBob SquarePants together since they were little.

About Postcards From Madison County

Each year, the Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education, or PAGE, provides out-of-school learning opportunities for girls in grades six through nine.

This summer, the PAGE program gave girls a forum for telling—and recording--stories from their own lives. Their narratives are snapshots of everyday life, local culture, and family relationships in the mountains—through the eyes of a young person.