Outer Banks Region Braces For Arthur

Jul 2, 2014

The most recent tropical storm named Arthur has formed off the coast of Fla. and is headed toward N.C.
Credit The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Tropical Storm Arthur has formed off the coast of Florida, and is headed toward North Carolina. It isn't clear yet whether it will make landfall later this week.

Cyndy Holda of the Outer Banks Group of National Parks said local governments and businesses have hurricane action plans in place. However, she said, the Independence Day weekend is an inconvenient time for a storm to hit the beaches.

“It is definitely something we do not look forward to. Fourth of July is a big weekend for the Outer Banks, both northern beaches and the southern beaches, so it's not something anybody wants to see coming up at us for the holiday weekend.”

More information is expected from the National Weather Service in the days to come. The NC Department of Transportation will update road conditions at the NCDOT website.