North Carolina On Its Way To Replacing Common Core

Jul 16, 2014


The NC House gave final approval to a measure on Wednesday that would review and change the Common Core standards. The bill is now before Governor Pat McCrory, who says he will sign it.

Lawmakers have argued that they want to rewrite the English and Math standards to better suit North Carolina students. They say they’re responding to critics and parents who have complained that the standards are flawed and academically deficient.

"Bottom line is, it's a terrible system," said Republican Representative Michael Speciale. "There may be some good things about it, and this bill will allow them to use those things if they need to."

The bill would create an 11-person commission to make recommendations to the State Board of Education. The commission would be appointed by legislative leaders, the governor and State Board of Education.

Common Core, which was rolled out in classrooms two years ago, would remain in place until the new standards are completed. Lawmakers say they should be ready for the 2015-16 school year.

Democratic representative Tricia Cotham from Mecklenburg argued that repealing the standards would disrupt classrooms. She also said the debate has become politicized.  

“Why are we really doing this, and what is the real reason,” she said on Wednesday before the House voted. “Is this really to better education or is this more political in nature?”

Lawmakers, like Speciale, argued that the issue is nonpartisan.

“Even the Democrats’ children are coming home with Common Core,” he said.