Nina And Pinta To Dock In Wilmington

May 9, 2017

Replicas of the Nina and Pinta, used by Christopher Columbus to sail across the Atlantic Ocean, will dock at Wilmington.
Credit The Columbus Foundation

Replicas of two of Christopher Columbus' ships are scheduled to dock at a North Carolina port.

The Nina and Pinta are slated to dock at Port City Marina in Wilmington on Wednesday.

The Nina is an exact replica of Columbus' ship, and the Pinta is a near replica about 15 feet longer than the original. The ships will be available for tours beginning on Thursday.

Columbus first used the Nina in 1492 to cross the Atlantic Ocean in search of new trading routes to the far east. The ship's deck was a mere 50 feet long, or the same size as the width of a basketball court. Columbus sailed that ship more than 25,000 miles, according to The Columbus Foundation, the same as making the trip from Lisbon to Norfolk more than seven times.