New Smartphone App Provides Guide To Outer Banks Beaches

Jul 5, 2013

Take Me to the Beach helps people find the right beach in the Outer Banks.
Credit Inductice Ideas LTD

Have you ever visited the North Carolina coast only to have a hard time finding the right public beach access? That’s the situation that Sara Brubaker found herself in when she moved to the Outer Banks three years ago. So Brubaker got in touch with the app development company Inductive Ideas LTD to find a solution to the problem.  The result is a new smartphone app called Take Me to the Beach, a guide to Outer Banks beaches that provides information about public access, beach amenities, lifeguards, and distances from beaches to food and drink.

“This application was created as a direct result of my experiences as a newcomer to the area,” Sara Brubaker said in a statement from Inductive Ideas LTD. “I wanted to make it as simple and easy to find your perfect beach.”

It’s not the first smartphone app to provide information about public access to beaches. An app released last month received lots of publicity for providing information about beach access in Malibu, where miles of wealthy landowners have historically tried to obstruct public access with phony signs and security guards. California state law declares beaches public property, and the app explains how to access beaches in front of private property.

Another app that serves as a guide to beaches was released by  Waterkeeper Alliance in May, and it provides information about beach water quality for beaches in the U.S. and Canada.

But Take Me to the Beach, which is available for 99 cents for both Apple and Android phones, is unique in that it provides a range of information, such as availability of restrooms, parking, showers, wooden walkways, food and drink, and lifeguards.

The app includes information for 124 public accesses on the Outer Banks, from the northern part of Corolla to the southern tip of Hatteras Island.