New Gun Law Takes Effect Tuesday

Sep 30, 2013

Beginning Tuesday, residents with concealed carry permits will be able to legally bring handguns into restaurants and bars across the state.  The new measure also allows concealed guns on state property such as public schools and college campuses, provided the weapons are locked in a vehicle. Restaurant and bar owners can opt out of the new law by posting a sign that prohibits concealed weapons in the establishments.

“I don't feel like it's a good idea to let people who uh could become intoxicated carry a firearm,” said Drew Lavender, owner of The Pour House in Downtown Greensboro”

Lavender said he believes citizens should be able to carry a firearm, but not everywhere and plans to post a sign.

Beginning Tuesday it is legal to carry a concealed weapon into a restaurant or bar, unless an establishment posts a sign prohibiting it.
Credit Megathon Charlie via Flickr, Creative Commons

“There definitely should be limitations of some sort that look out for the public as a whole. I think that's just kind of a little too relaxed as far as allowing people to bring them into certain establishments where there is no place for them,” he added.

Lavender doesn’t expect much push back from his customers about posting a sign. It is still illegal to drink alcohol while carrying a gun in the state, regardless of what permits a person has. The new gun measure is one of about 50 laws that take effect in the state Tuesday.