NC Central Physics Students Can Soon Get A Second Degree From NC State

Jun 23, 2015

Credit Hoodr / Wikipedia Creative Commons

Physics students at NC Central University will soon be able to pursue a dual degree in computer or electrical engineering at NC State beginning this fall. After three years at Central, a student could do two more years at State and finish with two undergraduate degrees.

NC State's Computer and Electrical Engineering Director Dan Stancil said State is excited to welcome the math and physics students from NC Central.

"Those engineers do represent diverse backgrounds so that we can get the most innovative and creative solutions. We're looking at this really as important from a strategic point of view," Stancil said.

NC Central's interim Physics Dean Caesar Jackson said the partnership will allow students trained as both physicists and engineers to get an affordable and well-rounded education.

"They are preparing themselves for the future jobs which are very much requiring an interdisciplinary set of skills," he said.