Native American Farmers Settlement Meeting

Jul 6, 2011

Preparations are being made to pay thousands of dollars to Native American farmers and ranchers who were discriminated against by the U-S-D-A.

The discrimination lawsuit was named for Native American farmers George and Marilyn Keeps-eagle of North Dakota and goes back a dozen years. Native Americans say they were denied loans and services by the U-S Department of Agriculture because of their race.
Now it’s time for the Native American farmers to file their claims in the 680-million dollar settlement. Lawyers will be on hand to help North Carolina farmers in Pembroke today and tomorrow at Lycurous (Lar-kus) Lowry’s farm.

Lycurous Lowry: "Anything to help something like that you know, trying to help settle things, keep things smooth, keep it straight above board."

Lowry says he expects more than 100 Native American farmers will stop by to file a claim.