Musician Michael Rank Introduces 'Another Love'

Sep 8, 2017

Chatham County musician Michael Rank has released a new funk-soul record called 'Another Love.'
Credit Missy Malouff

Michael Rank is a singer-songwriter based in Chatham County.  His last few records sounded very rootsy, with fiddle and other acoustic instrumentation. Drum machines and electric wah-wah guitar reign in the gritty soul record, Another Love. Rank's new music is being compared to D'Angelo, Prince and Curtis Mayfield.

The song "Be Alright" highlights some sweet falsetto, which Rank uses to great effect throughout this record.

There's a lot to like about these songs, including Brian Dennis's guitar playing. But the primitive drum machines holding  down the rhythm make for a stark sound in the middle of all that instrumental and vocal warmth.