Movies On The Radio: What's Your Favorite 'Best Buddy' Movie?

Mar 29, 2016

Next month's movies on the radio: what's your favorite movie about best friends?
Credit Keith Weston / WUNC

Best friends are there for one another during hard times. They join each other on adventures and are often the first people to offer up advice or a reality-check when it’s needed.

Movies about these friendships have been around for decades and range from lighthearted films like Dumb & Dumber that trace best friends' misadventures to more tender explorations of how friendships withstand life’s up and downs, like Beaches.

The State of Things wants to hear from you. What is your favorite movie about best friends, and why? Do you watch Thelma & Louise on repeat on a bad day? Is Rain Man one of your all-time favorites? Email your suggestion to or fill out the survey below.