Mount Moriah - WUNC's Songs We Love Podcast

Oct 30, 2016

WUNC's Songs We Love

North Carolina Public Radio has a new music stream.  It's a place where you can discover new songs and get a taste of the local music scene. 

One song that's in the mix right now is called "Higher Mind" by the Durham based band Mount Moriah.  Heather McEntire says it's one that she wrote while on a cross country drive with her dad.

WUNC's Eric Hodge is talking with some of the artists whose songs are featured on WUNC Music. Here's part of what Heather told Eric: "Mount Moriah had a West Coast tour and my Dad and I who is a very religious man, I respect him a lot, we drove out to Portland together with all of our instruments in the van.  I don't think I've spent that much time with my Dad and you know but we didn't even turn on the radio once we just talked so a lot of that song came from the conversations we had about spirituality and individuality and all of that."

"Higher Ground" from the Mount Moriah CD "How to Dance."  It's one of the songs that's in the mix right now at WUNC Music

Hear that song and that story:

This story and other Songs We Love are available as a podcast.