Moral Monday Demonstrators Protest Education Cuts, New Abortion Rules

Jul 30, 2013

Monday night's Moral Monday protest
Credit Jessica Jones

Organizers of the "Moral Monday" protests held one of their largest marches at the legislature Monday.

Police watching the rally estimated there were between 4,000 and 5,000 protesters there. Many were teachers, who were wearing red clothing.

Others attended to protest a bill that will toughen standards for clinics offering abortions. Kim Anderson is one of them. She says it remains to be seen how effective the Moral Monday protests have been.

"I think it's been successful at bringing publicity to what's happening in North Carolina, and the fact that we're becoming a more regressive state rather than one of the most progressive in the South, and so I think in that sense it's been successful, but I don't know how successful it's been for making change occur here in North Carolina," said Anderson.

Republican members of the General Assembly say the rallies haven't made a difference, but Democrats say they are. Rally organizers say they're about to begin a new stage of action by spearheading voter registration drives and rallies in local districts.