Meteorologists Push Preparation Ahead Of Active Hurricane Season

May 27, 2013

Hurricane Ivan brought inland flooding to western and central North Carolina in 2004.
Credit NASA

Forecasters are urging North Carolinians to have an emergency plan for hurricanes before the season starts. 

The National Weather Service has predicted an active year in the Atlantic with 13-20 named storms.  The agency's Hurricane Preparedness Week continues through Saturday, when the Hurricane season officially starts.  Meteorologist Nick Petro says storm surge and inland flooding tend to do the most damage when a hurricane hits.

"If you live close to the coast, figure out if you're in a storm surge-prone area.  If you live in North Carolina and you're even inland, assess whether or not you're in a low lying area or in an area that's prone to freshwater flooding," Petro says.

"Certainly, have a plan.  Take this opportunity now before the season when the weather is good."

Petro says up to 11 named storms could become hurricanes this year.  The official hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30.