McCrory Unveils Safer Schools Initiative

Mar 20, 2013

Credit State Dept of Public Safety

Governor Pat McCrory has introduced a new initiative to improve school security.  He has created the North Carolina Center for Safer Schools within the state Department of Public Safety.  McCrory says the center will work with school administrators, law enforcement and state mental health experts to minimize serious threats in and around schools.

"The center will develop a comprehensive strategy, not based on just emotion or on the politics of the day, but the best practices that are being used throughout North Carolina to protect or children, teachers, school administrators and communities," McCrory said.

McCrory says he doesn't know whether increased safety will ultimately mean officers or cameras in school halls.  Public Safety Secretary Kieran Shanahan says several public forums to be held around the state could identify other concerns.  It's unclear how much money it will take to run the center.  A preliminary cost will be revealed when the governor unveils his proposed budget Wednesday.