McCrory Campaign Raises $2.2 M In 2nd Quarter

Jul 9, 2012

Republican Pat McCrory's gubernatorial campaign reported its campaign funding for the second quarter today. His campaign committee announced it had raised over 2.2 million dollars during the second quarter of 2012. Brian Nick is a spokesman for the McCrory campaign.

Brian Nick: What some people may not know is he was vastly outspent in the 2008 election by Governor Perdue. And so to have the kind of resources on hand in this election to be able to get his message out is a very important thing so he isn't massively outspent like he was last time.

The campaign now has nearly 4.4 million dollars of cash on hand. A spokesman for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Walter Dalton says that campaign will release its fundraising numbers in a day or two. Candidates have until Wednesday to turn in their reports to the State Board of Elections.