Mac McCaughan's Non-Believers

May 1, 2015

Merge Records Co-Founder and Frontman for the indie band Superchunk, Mac McCaughan's new album cover Non-Believers.
Credit Merge Records / Merge Records

Mac McCaughan has been creating heartfelt and catchy music in North Carolina for 25 years.

He has released more than 15 albums, both with his long-running indie rock band, Superchunk, and his semi-solo project Portastatic. 

Until now, he never released an album under his own name. On Tuesday, McCaughan releases his first official solo debut Non-Believers. The album is inspired by the early 1980’s era of music when punk rock was evolving.

Host Frank Stasio talks with McCaughan about the album and his work. 

You can stream Mac McCaughan's Non-Believers thanks to NPR's First Listen Series below:

Mac McCaughan has released a new music video for the single off of Non-Believers. The song is titled "Wet Leaves" and can be viewed below:

Merge Records recently celebrated their 25th anniversary as one of America's essential indie labels. McCaughan and Laura Ballance founded the label in 1989 in North Carolina and Merge has carved out uncompromising success by staying true to its independent roots. The video below shows the 25 year history in 24 minutes.