Lawmakers Offer Three Competing Tax Reform Plans

May 30, 2013

State Senate chamber
Credit Dave DeWitt / WUNC

State lawmakers have formally laid out three competing plans to reform North Carolina's tax code.

They've filed three bills that would all lower sales and income tax rates. The measures would all expand the sales tax base by broadening it to include more services. But each plan features different details.

Republican Senator Bob Rucho says the plan he's sponsoring is ideal because it will add sales taxes to a wide variety of services, rather than just a few.

"If you're going to do the lawn people, and the haircuts and the like, you need to be able to do the white collar ones just as much, cause it's everybody is treated the same. If you say that one group is exempted, then it's not fair to the others," said Rucho.

Another tax reform bill in the Senate chamber would also lower personal income taxes but add the sales tax to fewer services. It's closer to a third plan put forth by Republican leaders in the House.

Lawmakers haven't yet voted on any plans in committee meetings.