Judge Denies Motions to Dismiss Edwards Case

Oct 27, 2011

A federal judge has denied motions to dismiss the case against former North Carolina Senator John Edwards.

The two-time Presidential Candidate showed no emotion as Catherine Eagles denied five motions to have the case thrown out. Judge Eagles said charges against Edwards are not unconstitutionally vague, and that there was insufficient evidence of prosecutorial misconduct to dismiss the charges.  She noted the defense raised some thorny questions, and all five motions were denied without prejudice, leaving issues open to appeal at a later time. Ultimately Judge Eagles said the questions should be answered by evidence and a jury during a Trial.

The government contends Edwards funneled nearly 1 million dollars to hide an affair with former campaign videographer Rielle Hunter, who he later fathered a child with. Defense attorneys have argued there is no precedent for the charges and continuing with this case would change the future of campaign finance law. Barring an unexpected plea agreement, the Trial is scheduled for January.