Homeless Shelters Opening in Greensboro

Dec 2, 2011

With the winter approaching more beds are being made available to people who are homeless.

In recent weeks shelters in Greensboro have turned away a significant number of people seeking assistance. This week eight winter emergency, or 'WE' shelters are opening throughout the city. One new site is at the YWCA. It will serve up to 25 single women each night. Sharon Sumner is Director of the WE Shelters for the Greensboro Urban Ministries. She says this new shelter increases capacity where there is a growing demand.

Sharon Sumner: "It's likely we have more single adult woman who have lost their jobs, are without a place to be because of family disconnection, violence, or domestic violence."

The eight shelters offer a total of 125 beds. On any given night there are as many as 12 hundred people without a home in Greensboro.