Hickory Man With Pending Innocence Review Released On Parole

May 21, 2012

A Hickory man has been released from prison as he continues seeking to prove his innocence in a 1987 rape case.

Gurnal Scott: Willie James Grimes served more then two decades in prison for rape and kidnapping. He walked out of prison this morning on parole..but his conviction still follows him. He had to register with the state as a sex offender. The North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission ruled last month that a review of Grimes' case is warranted. His attorney Christine Mumma says they discovered evidence that had been overlooked.

Christine Mumma: Several attorneys were told that all the evidence in his case was destroyed that nothing was left. It was because of the commission's unique powers that the fingerprints from the case that were known not to match Willie were discovered.

A three-judge panel has been appointed by the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court to hear the review. No date for it has been set.