Halfway Through His First Term, Where Does McCrory Go From Here?

May 7, 2015

Gov. Pat McCrory is halfway through his first term.
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Governor Pat McCrory is halfway through his first term, but with the General Assembly working its way through this year's long legislative session, the success of Gov. McCrory's agenda remains unclear. 

With two years of experience as governor, McCrory continues to find ways to maneuver his political priorities. Craig Jarvis, political reporter for the News & Observer, says the governor  got off to a rough start his first year in office in 2013, but this year his support has grown.

"I'm hearing good things from both chambers and from both parties, at least in terms of him reaching out and really trying to personally and through his administration stay in touch, particularly with the Republican Caucus."

Jarvis says Gov. McCrory has labeled himself an "Eisenhower Republican" as he tries to send the message that he's a moderate governor, more interested in jobs and infrastructure than ideological bills like the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

For the rest of his first term, McCrory is expected to continue to support offshore energy with a coalition of governors and increase his visibility on the national political scene.