GSK Cutting Jobs in RTP

Feb 17, 2011

Some GlaxoSmithKline employees in Research Triangle Park will be laid off as the drug maker scales back its Neuroscience Medicines Development Center.

The cutbacks follow an announcement last year by Chief Executive Andrew Witty to "modernise" the company's focus on research and development.  Kathy Pitman is a GlaxoSmithKline spokeswoman:

"Our neuroscience department is still a very strong department. They have just refocused. They will be doing less clinical trials because of that. But the refocusing is going on and they’re still planning to do research and late-stage development as well."

Pitman called the cuts unfortunate. It’s not known exactly how many people will lose their jobs because some will be shifted to other departments.  But Pitman says the cuts will be fewer than 50, and less than half of those are located in RTP.  The London-based company’s US headquarters are in RTP.