Group Wants To Slow Down Nuclear

Apr 7, 2011

Environmental groups are urging the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to reconsider approval of a new design for nuclear power plants in North and South Carolina. The AP-1000 Oversight Group filed a petition with the NRC. The group argues that the AP-1000 reactor design is flawed and should not be used at Shearon-Harris and other sites. John Runkle is the attorney for the group. 

"What’s troublesome to us is the NRC seems poised on approving reactor designs that have not been fully reviewed nor fully resolved, " says Runkle. "And importantly do not reflect what we know and what we will learn about the fukushima accident. "

The AP-1000 is designed by Westinghouse and uses a different process for cooling and backup power than the reactors in Japan. The NRC is reviewing the new design and may decide on its use by the end of the year.