Gov. McCrory Warns Of More Black Ice Ahead

Feb 18, 2015

Governor McCrory says North Carolina isn't done with winter weather this week.
Credit Hal Goodtree / Flickr Creative Commons

The storm has passed, and Governor Pat McCrory has lifted the State of Emergency issued  earlier this week.

Last night, he thanked North Carolinians for staying off the roads yesterday. But he warned this week's winter weather isn't over.

The National Weather Service forecasts record lows tonight and tomorrow night.

"It's literally getting down to zero degrees and we could be in some very dangerous situations, so I do ask all counties to reassess their shelter needs, not because of the snow situation, but because of the cold weather situation," McCrory says.

McCrory and Transpotation Secretary Tony Tata are warning motorists to beware of black ice on the roads for the rest of the week.

"We're going to be a thaw-freeze cycle that becomes quite dangerous, especially as it thaws, you get a little bit of water on the road, and then it freezes and that's the black ice that the governor is talking about," Tata says.

Roads could remain treacherous until temperatures rise to normal levels this weekend.