Gov. Cooper Officially Vetoes NC Budget; Override Likely

Jun 26, 2017

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper says he will veto the $23 billion budget the Republican-led Legislature passed last week.
Credit W Edward Callis III

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has officially vetoed the $23 billion state budget bill approved by legislative Republicans.

Cooper returned the measure with his veto stamp Tuesday morning to the Senate, where the measure originated. The Democratic governor had already announced Monday his plans to reject the two-year spending plan, which he says neglects public education and the state's economy while giving tax cuts to the highest wage-earners and corporations.

"For my signature, they should fully fund teacher pay raises including starting and veteran teachers as I did in my budget so we can be on a path to get to the national average in a  few years," Cooper said during press conference on Monday.

Republicans counter that the plan increases education spending by $700 million and gives personal income tax breaks to nearly everyone, including low- and middle-class people.

GOP legislative leaders have vowed to override the veto, which they have the votes to accomplish if Republicans remain united.

The Senate would get first crack at an override vote.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.