Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Takes Over Durham

Apr 3, 2014

Documentary film enthusiasts are in downtown Durham today through Sunday for the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival.  City leaders like the business. 

The Full Frame Theater at Durham's American Tobacco Historic District is where some of this year's documentaries will be seen.
Credit Gurnal Scott

There could easily be an extra 12,000 to 13,000 people packed in a few city blocks because of Full Frame.

“And they’ll be laughing and smiling and talking about the films that they’ve seen.  It’s really a great, great event.”

That’s Shelly Green, President and CEO of the Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau.  She says those laughing and smiling documentary film lovers will spend about $2.5 million this weekend.

This year’s festival will feature 48 new documentaries including 13 world premieres.  One feature film is celebrating its 20th anniversary – remember “Hoop Dreams?”

“All I ever dreamed about was playing in the NBA,” was the cry from a young Arthur Agee Jr.  Agee and William Gates were the two Chicago-area teenagers featured in the award-wining "Hoop Dreams."  The theatre festival will honor Steve James, "Hoop Dreams" producer and director, with its annual Full Frame Tribute. 

Several of James' other documentaries will be featured, including "The New Americans" and "The Interrupters."

Duke University is the presenting sponsor of Full Frame.  More than 100 films will be featured at the 17th annual event.