Fort Bragg Troops Headed to Afghanistan

Jan 19, 2012

About 58 hundred soldiers from Fort Bragg will be deployed to Afghanistan this spring. They're headed to the southern part of the country to work with NATO and Afghan troops. Captain Allie Scott says the paratroopers are part of a transition plan to gradually hand over that part of Afghanistan to local authorities.

Allie Scott: This is where we spent our last rotation. We have some great experienced non-commissioned officers and officers who've been here before. We have a lot of commanders who've been to Afghanistan more than a few times and we have educated and trained our younger guys hopefully that will meet any challenge that we can anticipate.

Scott has already deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan before. She says Taliban insurgents are still a danger to soldiers. But she says the soldiers are well-trained to anticipate and deflect attacks. The deployment is for nine months.