Fate Of 6 Vetoed Bills Unclear At North Carolina Legislature

Aug 30, 2017

The Republican-controlled North Carolina General Assembly has delayed votes on several of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper's recent vetoes, and it's unclear if any overrides will occur before their summer work session ends this week.

Six vetoed bills are pending. Three-fifths majorities in the House and Senate cancel a veto.

The House voted last week to override two vetoed bills but delayed votes on three more. House Majority Leader John Bell of Wayne County downplayed acting on those three this week, saying Tuesday that the top priority is approving redistricting maps before a Friday court deadline.

The three bills address legal notices, landfills and casino nights for nonprofits.

The bills include some issues "that a lot of members have different interests and different viewpoints on," Bell said. He said several members also are unable to be in Raleigh this week, making vote counts tricky.

The Senate, meanwhile, delayed Tuesday votes on the two vetoed bills that already cleared the House.

There's also been no action so far on another vetoed bill originating in the Senate that addresses business and environmental regulations. In his veto message, Cooper criticized provisions placing exemptions on stormwater restrictions for new or redevelopment building projects.

Senate leader Phil Berger said GOP senators haven't conferred yet about vetoed legislation. He suggested the uncertainty centered on the three measures idling in the House.

"There were five vetoes that were House bills. They've sent us two. We're waiting for the other three," Berger told reporters.