The Fall Of Fort Fisher: 'The Beginning Of The End of The Civil War'

Jan 16, 2015

Following an unsuccessful attempt, the Union captured Fort Fisher 150 years ago this week.
Credit Fort Fisher State Historic Site

This weekend hundreds of re-enactors and thousands of spectators are expected to visit Fort Fisher. The Confederate Fort was situated along the Cape Fear River outside of Wilmington. It fell to Union forces 150 years ago this week.

"I think for many people their surprised that North Carolina played such a pivotal role, especially in the last four months of the war." said Historian Michael Hardy. He said the fall of Fisher marks the beginning of the end of the Civil War.

"Fort Fisher was the largest earthen fort ever constructed in the Western Hemisphere. And we don't get that a lot today since a lot of it didn't survive. Most of it has washed out into the ocean," said Hardy.

Fort Fisher protected a key port of entry for Confederate supplies. A full weekend of events is planned at the historic site.