Edwards Seeks To Have Indictment Thrown Out

Oct 26, 2011

John Edwards

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards is in Federal court today where his Lawyers are trying to get an indictment against him dismissed.

The two-time Presidential Candidate was indicted this past June on six felony charges, including campaign finance violations and conspiracy.

Edwards fathered a child with former campaign staffer Rielle Hunter and used nearly 1 million dollars to keep the relationship a secret.

In today’s pre-trial motion lead defense attorney Abbey Lowell argued that laws should be written by congress and not prosecutors. He said the charges are unprecedented, the indictment is vague and that the money used game in the form of gifts. Prosecutor David Harbach contends this was a knowing and willful violation of campaign finance law and stressed that donor intent is what counts.

Pre-trial hearings will continue throughout the afternoon. If convicted, Edwards faces up to three years in prison.