Early Voting Packs NC Polling Places

Oct 19, 2012

Thousands of people packed polling places across the state yesterday as early voting began.

North Carolina Central University’s drum-line led a parade of voters in Durham to the student union where they could vote early.  Leotrice Pegues is a senior at NCCU.  She was excited about casting her vote early.   Pegues didn’t get to vote in 2008 because she forgot to switch her registration.

Leotrice Pegues:  "But if I would have known ahead of time I would have registered in Durham County so I could vote in Durham County.   So, it just made me feel bad, I couldn’t let my voice be heard."

The voting lines were just as long or longer in Cary at the Herbert Young Community Center.  Francisco Talavera says he won’t be in town on November 6.

Francisco Talavera:  "Well I’m getting out of town on Monday so, and I’ll be back on the day before Thanksgiving, so I have to vote early."

There are more than 350 early voting sites open across North Carolina, and more will be opening.