E-Ban In Rockingham County

May 28, 2013

Credit Flickr.com

Rockingham County is implementing a ban on all electronics at its courthouse. There have not been any major security problems that triggered the new rule. Officials call the new measure a proactive step toward keeping the courthouse safe.

“Most federal courthouses do not allow cell phones in their courthouses and it’s pretty much the basic trend coming across the nation, trying to get around the curve for safety and security of the courthouse,” said Darryl Crowder, Captain with the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department.

The ban will include cell phones, cameras, tablets and anything with a recording device from entering the building.  Nearby County Courthouses in Guilford and Forsyth allow electronics in the building, but not in the courtroom. The ban from the building is similar to security restrictions seen at many federal courthouses. The policy takes effect June 1st.