Durham Smoking Ordinance Takes Effect Tomorrow

Jul 31, 2012

Beginning tomorrow, a Durham city ordinance will officially prohibit smoking on city and county grounds both inside and outside. County commissioners passed the ordinance in February. Eric Nickens is a spokesman for the Durham County Health Department.

Eric Nickens: This is a dramatic shift, starting Wednesday August 1. A lot of public spaces in Durham County are going to be smoke free, including city and county grounds, trails, parks, including playgrounds and athletic fields, bus stops and even sidewalks that are owned leased or maintained by the city or county.

Health officials say the move to make the former tobacco town smoke-free will benefit everyone by limiting exposure to second-hand smoke. A small number of health department officials are expected to help spread the word on the street.  For smokers who'd like to stop, the county offers free smoking cessation classes to residents.