Durham Police Department Investigates Fabrication of 911 Calls To Enter Residences

Jul 11, 2014

A Durham Police officer admitted lying about receiving a 911 call as a pretense to enter a residence and serve a warrant. He told a judge is was a common practice in the department.
Credit Durham Police Department

The Durham Police Department is investigating an incident in which an officer lied about receiving a 911 call from a residence to gain access to the home and serve a warrant.

The officer told a District Court judge in May that it was a common practice within Durham's police department.

Police Chief Jose Lopez issued a memo to the department stating that fabricating 911 calls is not a policy.

City Manager Tom Bonfield says he assumes this is an isolated incident, but that it's unacceptable and bears investigation.

“We need to know the specifics about what led the officer to believe that this was in fact the policy of the police department, that he would testify under oath that it was.”

Bonfield says he doesn't believe this incident is related to his investigation of racial profiling within the department.