Durham Police: Choose Your Ride

Aug 1, 2011

Credit Durham Police Department

The Durham Police have a new reminder for residents about the dangers of driving drunk. It looks like a police car in the front and a taxi cab in the back. The car tells drunk drivers they can choose their ride- either a taxi or a police car. Decals on the hood give information warning about the monetary cost of getting a DUI. Durham County Assistant Chief Lee Russ says the 'franken-car' will be parked outside of nightlife spots. He hopes that people will think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Lee Russ:  It's basically a message to get across to you about choosing wisely if you've been driving while impaired. Take the time to choose a cab because if we stop you your choice is now very limited.

Several other municipalities have similar cars including Austin, Texas and Savannah, Georgia. Last year, more than 11 hundred people were charged with a DUI in Durham County.