Duke Call To Prayer Becomes Call To Conscience

Jan 16, 2015

Duke University decided not to allow for a Muslim call to prayer from the Duke Chapel bell tower.

Duke University said earlier this week that it would allow a weekly Islamic call-to-prayer from the bell tower of Duke Chapel.

Christian preacher Franklin Graham condemned the decision and called on donors to cease their financial contributions to Duke.

The University reversed its decision late yesterday. Muslim students and supporters plan to gather on the quad for the prayer today.

Host Frank Stasio talks with WUNC reporter Reema Khrais about the latest.

He will also talk with Omid Safi, Director of Duke University's Islamic Studies Center; Miriam Cooke, Duke University professor of Asian and Middle Eastern studies; Ian Tuttle, National Review reporter and William F. Buckley fellow; and Kimberly Winston, reporter for Religion News Service.