Cooking In The Moment

Apr 21, 2011

Andrea Reusing - ''Cooking in the Moment''

Andrea Reusing's Chapel Hill restaurant Lantern is loved and respected by sophisticated foodies from around the world. So it's a bit of a surprise that her first cookbook is not full of recipes from Lantern’s menu. Instead, the book is a seasonal guide to a year's worth of unintimidating, easy-to-shop for, easy-to-make, fresh, local meals.

Reusing has a family of her own, a busy life and a love for her community. She doesn't think you have to be a professional chef to eat the way she does. Reusing joins host Frank Stasio to discuss her new book, "Cooking in the Moment," and share some insight on shrimp, steak and strawberry ice cream that your kids can make themselves.