Complementary Cuts

Feb 20, 2012

Today in Greensboro some job-seekers will get free hair care.

Jeff Tiberii: In an effort to help unemployed workers get ready for upcoming interviews, twenty five unemployed people will receive complementary haircuts, coloring and styling. Gary Bilello is the owner of the Salon where the event takes place.

Gary Bilello:  I'm looking for people that really, actually need it. We tried to go age 35 and older. We feel that they have a little more disadvantage in the working field. And we just wanted them to feel good and look better and have more confidence about themselves.

The free treatments are part of a program called First Impressions. The Salon is partnering with a local employment agency to make it happen. in the future, free services will be provided at both the Greensboro and High Point Avanti locations on an appointment basis.