Colleges and Universities Unite to Form Eastern North Carolina Consortium for Higher Education

Jun 8, 2012

Eleven colleges and universities, big and small, public and private, are teaming up today to form the Eastern North Carolina Consortium for Higher Education.

Asma Khalid: There's a saying that "collaboration is king."

And Jim Gray believes it. He uses that phrase a lot when talking about this new plan.

Gray is the president of North Carolina Wesleyan College. He's also leading the consortium.

Gray: This is going to open up opportunities for our students - for library services, for taking classes, for doing things like study abroad.

Gray says the collaboration will, of course, benefit students and faculty. But he hopes it will also boost the region's economy.

Gray: There's a direct link between education, higher education, and economic growth. And if we can come together and help our students and Eastern North Carolina, that will be a wonderful thing indeed.

The colleges are aiming to soon allow students from one campus to register for classes at another for no additional fees.