Check Out This Handy NC 'Ballot-Builder'

Oct 24, 2014

Credit NC Center for Voter Education/UNC-TV

U.S. House, State Senate, District Attorney, Board of Commissioners, Register of Deeds, Sheriff, N.C. Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, N.C. District Court...there will be a lot more names on your ballot than those running for U.S. Senate.

In my county, there are 22 choices to be made.

Not sure who's running, or who you'll choose? Look at this interactive ballot-maker. You plug in your own address, and you can compare and contrast the candidates for each position. Sometimes the candidates are featured in video segments.

You can compare and contrast candidates on the ballot-maker.
Credit NC Center for Voter Education/UNC-TV

The ballot is designed for you to make selections as you go. Once you are done, you can print a hard copy of your choices. It's a handy item to bring with you on Election Day to help you fill out the real ballot.

The "Meet the Candidates" ballot-builder is a service of the North Carolina Center for Voter Education and UNC-TV.